Cuba: 60 Years

Everyone knows Cuba: a land of classic American cars, colourful colonial architecture and endless joyful salsa dancing. The land of Che Guevara’s inspired people’s revolution. A romantic, charming and nostalgic place – I must visit Cuba before it changes! – we exclaim, referring to the bulldozer of American Capitalism poised to destroy everything great about the country. It’s a beautiful fantasy we have, but sadly, it’s a long way from the harsh reality of daily life in the country.

I visited Cuba in 2016 to discover what 60 years of embargo and communism look like.

Cambodia: A Portrait

It was just 40 years ago that Cambodia suffered one of the worst genocides in recent history, losing 25% of its population to the bloody hands of the Khmer Rouge. Today, the legacy of Pol Pot’s massacre is a country where close to half the population are under 18. Still struggling to recover from such a loss, Cambodia remains in poorest quarter of the world. Yet, it is also the fastest growing economy in Asia and a place where natural and human wonders are always just a stone’s throw away.