The Nag's Head Market

London is changing fast. Towers of gleaming steel and glass emerge from every neighbourhood as it gentrifies. Images of a life filled with glamour and style are plastered on billboards across the city. Perfectly styled chains attempt to emulate the vibrancy of the local stores they replace. Ever improving customer service provides interactions robotically polite and predictable. The life of the typical urbanite becomes ever more pristine and minimal. But in attempting to sterilise the imperfections of life, is something lost?

This project explores this question by documenting the people and stories of the Nags Head market in Holloway in North London, one of the few covered markets successfully resisting gentrification. A melting pot of diversity, it is a place where a community comes together full of humanity, warts and all.

Cuba: 60 Years of Communism & Embargo

Everyone knows Cuba: a land of classic American cars, colourful colonial architecture and endless joyful salsa dancing. The land of Che Guevara’s inspired people’s revolution. A romantic, charming and nostalgic place – I must visit cuba before it changes! – we exclaim, referring to the bulldozer of American Capitalism poised to destroy everything great about the country. It’s a beautiful fantasy we have, but sadly, it’s a long way from the harsh reality of daily life in the country.

I visited Cuba in 2016 to discover what 60 years of embargo combined with a Communist government actually looked like. This series represents what I found.

Cambodia: A Portrait

It was just 40 years ago that Cambodia suffered one of the worst genocides in recent history, losing 25% of its population to the bloody hands of the Khmer Rouge. Today, the legacy of Pol Pot’s massacre is a country where close to half the population are under 18. Still struggling to recover from such a loss, Cambodia remains in poorest quarter of the world. Yet, it is also the fastest growing economy in Asia and a place where natural and human wonders are always just a stone’s throw away.