Aram Balakjian is a photographer and journalist from London, England.

Aram’s work covers a range of subjects and stories from around the globe through images and text. From the familiar to the downright bizarre it is, above all else, about discovering a world where we all share one thing: humanity.

Aram has been featured in a number of print and online publications ranging from travel guides to motorbiking magazines.

About Aram

Born in 1980’s London to artist parents Dorothea Wight and Marc Balakjian, Aram graduated in 2006 with a BA in Computer Animation from the NCCA. His first job was working in visual effects at MPC where his credits included Narnia: Prince Caspian and Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. After a few years, Aram decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition to run his own business. He left MPC to start a web design agency which he then ran successfully for 7 years. However, the experience of losing both parents to cancer in his early 30s had a profound impact on him. He decided to take a break from the rat-race and spend some time on the road. While blogging about his journey, he discovered a love of writing and photography and there began his first steps into the world of journalism.


Ham & High (Print, August 22nd 2017)

The Planet D (Web, May 2017)

Adventure Bike Rider Magazine (Print Issue, Nov/Dec 2016)